Meeting 2 Recap

For those of you that could not make it out last night, here is a short summary of what we discussed:

– The first half of the meeting dealt with résumés – What should be on them and how they should look. It is important to know a little bit about the career field you are interested in and what employers are looking for on résumés. Start researching what is required of graduates in certain industries. Do you want to do applied economics? Look into taking Econometrics and Topics in Econometrics (and also keep in mind that graduate level Economics classes are open for qualified students if the timing is right). Are you interested in theoretical economics? Look into taking Mathematical Economics and doing some undergraduate research. If you don’t know much about undergraduate research, you can talk with Professor Caputo who will guide you in the right direction. These are things that you want to exploit on you résumé. What things like these need to be on your résumé?

Pay attention to how your résumé looks, as well! If it has errors on it, that does not communicate the ability to pay attention to detail and catch mistakes. Often times, this is a requirement for many job positions so you will not be able to convince the employer that you are detail oriented if you didn’t pay attention to the details on your résumé. Everyone makes mistakes, but spend the time to make sure that what you place in front of the person who is considering hiring you doesn’t contain any trivial mishaps.

For an entertaining video that explains how to make a very good résumé, go here.
Thanks to Bryan for the link)

– The second half of the club dealt with Political Business Cycles. My last post had all the links that I got my information from, so if you’re interested in the subject you can check that out.

For a nice summary of PBC’s you can visit Mark Thoma’s blog here. (It’s short)

– Congratulations are in order for our new Secretary, Lauren Green!

-We will keep you updated with news of our social event and the content for the next meeting. Thanks everyone!



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