Meeting 1 Recap

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the first economics meeting of the year. We wouldn’t have a club without you!

I want to recap the meeting, as promised, so that if you missed any information, it will all be consolidated here for you.

– For those wondering whether or not you have to be an economics major to join, you don’t! Any major is fine. Although, at least slight interest in economics is preferred..

– The video about the “Broken Window Fallacy” can be found here

– Our Secretary position is not filled yet. If you expressed interest in filling that role, come prepared to give a very brief “speech” pertaining to why you would be a good fit. We will vote in the next meeting to fill the spot.

– We will keep you up to date on our planned social activities. We think one of the best ways for friendships to be forged is through getting together outside the classroom for some fun. Stay tuned.

– We want to include a professional aspect to the club. This includes résumé workshops, preparation for career fairs, and bringing in professionals to talk about how to find internships and how to network effectively. Incorporating these into the economics club is a very high priority goal for us and we are working to bring all of this to fruition. Plan on bringing your résumé to the club next meeting (Sept. 25th) for a workshop on writing an effective résumé.

– If you are interested in research opportunities, the Honors in the Major program is a great opportunity for some independent research experience. The McNair Program is another opportunity aimed at “increasing the number of first-generation college students from low-income families and members of underrepresented groups in the nation’s professoriate”.

– The Honors in the Major website can be found here

– The McNair program page can be found here

-Dues: club dues are $20/year, and ODE Honors Society Dues are $32

– The Honor Society requirements include:
— At least 12 credit hours completed in Economics program
— At least a “B” average in Economics classes and at least a “B” average overall, in all classes taken
— Class standing must be in the upper one-third
— You don’t have to be an Economics major

– A list of benefits for joining the Honor Society can be found here

– The video we showed about 9/11 economic effects can be found here

Lastly, we want you to get the most out of the club this year. So that requires your constant feedback so that we can tweak along the way to best facilitate the members’ desires. Please feel free to leave comments on this blog or send emails to for suggestions and/or concerns. The club is for you!



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